12/14/13 Miscellany

12/14/13 Toycon and Ayala Triangle

"One ticket away from reality please."

It’s sort of rare that I do get in to two different events in a single day. It’s even lucky if I do get to one. Anyway, I met up with two of my friends since highschool, Myke and Gee along with her college friend Carmela. Actually, we just ran into Myke and apparently, he did invite us days before to go with him but I don’t remember that happening. Trololol.

 Here are just some of the stuff you’d see inside Megatrade Hall.

 Sometime going around, we lost track of Mike. Hahaha

 Ayy LMAO. a Levi Heichou dakimakura <3

 I kinda ship stubby!stormtrooper wif stubby!jessie :D

 It was also sale at Converse at that time and it’s just at the other hall. Funny is that we also encountered a Coleman stall when we went outside. Coleman? CLARA? CLARAAAAA?!

 Gee and I went outside to wait for Andrea and other fellow Whovians and companions. Lucky manong was mopping the floor and the Eleventh Doctor has a thing with mops too (it’s just not as intense compared to his hat obsession). Manong must have thought, "wala sigurong magawa tong mga batang to sa buhay."

 While waiting outside, The Fourth Doctor (Vinni) came out of the blue (box? trolol) and gave us some jelly babies.

 When fellow Whovians arrived, they decided to chill at Bo’s Coffee. LOL because of Face of Bo(e)’s Coffee. 


 Rainy came around 2 in the afternoon so I went back inside and accompanied her.

 We also took photos with the Tenth and Fourth Doctors. Haha. Wibblywobblytimeywimey. 

 What’s funny is that when we were done looking at stuff and some stalls, Rainy suddenly had an epiphany and asked whether I was dressing up as a DW character. Huehuehue. Facepalm plus headdesk moment.

 Rainy and I went back to the Whovians gang and this time, they were having a photo op at an art gallery inside the mall simulating the scene on the 50th anniversary special episode.

 Rainy and I had to part again with the Whovians because she had to go to the atm to buy more stuff. There was a joke wherein if all the Doctors at the con were to sonic the atm, then it might work this time having the atm spewing out money. Hahaha.

 We came back and got some beret for myself and new accessories for Rainy. Unfortunately, we have to postpone purchasing flower headbands due to lack of funds. Hahaha

**for more ossum photose visit Rainy’s page


Note: Actually, this was a blog post I have composed on my other blog and thought that it would be better if I transfer some of them here. There's a wee bit more happening which you can see on the original post but I opt to not include them anymore.


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