#FreeTheJoy with Limited Edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Christmas Flavors

     I've always been a lover of Cadbury Dairy Milk but there's one flavor that really stick to my taste buds. That was their limited edition French Vanilla flavor. Cadbury Dairy Milk not only brought back my all time favorite flavor, but they also released Cadbury Dairy Milk Black Forest and Chocolate Mousse. I haven't actually tried the Chocolate Mousse flavor but I can't wait to get a taste of it as soon as the stores open tomorrow. Squee!

     Of course, Cadbury Dairy Milk is also perfect not only for binge eating but it's also great for sharing with the ones you love or better yet, give them as gifts especially this Christmas season. 

     Cadbury Dairy Milk Black Forest has that spunky flavor by having a hint of red jellies embedded in the chocolate with that quirky texture that is crunchy and chewy. The red jellies reminds me of my sister's spunky attitude. She's sweet but she could also be feisty sometimes. The changes in texture from crunchy to chewy and vice versa also represents that trait of her. 

     The smooth and silky sweetness brought about by the Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with the insanely addicting French Vanilla is perfect for my mother this Christmas. Its sweetness reminds me of her. Her warmth and homey presence go so well with the creaminess of the French Vanilla. Apart from that, as I have declared a while ago that this is my favorite flavor, my mom is also my favorite person. Teehee.

     I'm currently reviewing for the local PT (Physical Therapy) boards this coming February and chocolate have been my fuel for my brain for the past few weeks. Thank heavens, it really works. It gives me that extra drive to review and the Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Mousse flavor may give that extra oomph to the sweetness of any regular chocolate. I haven't tried it yet but I would love to do it with any of my PT friends who are also reviewing. Ugh. I can't wait to finally taste this one. 

     Cadbury Dairy Milk Black Forest, Cadbury Dairy Milk French Vanilla, and Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Mousse are AVAILABLE in 180g packs for a suggested retail PRICE of P180.00. Hurry
and get all flavors – available until supplies last! #FreeTheJoy this Christmas with Cadbury Dairy Milk!

For the Museum is Free and Full of Art-ness (Part 1)

Enter at your own cost.

Just kidding. Everything is completely safe and fun (also, free).

National Museum announced that they'll be waiving off the entrance fee to the National Museum for the month of May because it's Museum Month. It's a good timing since I just recently finished my internship duties and rotations. And yes, I'm finally free to go frolicking around the crazy streets of Manila and be able to share it.

Finally... I just Azor Ahai-d my blog.

Summer Makeup: Don't Sweat It.

     Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to go out and explore but you see, there’s always that one major problem most girls face—oh, the humidity. It’s fun to see the beauty of nature during escapades and whatnot but what’s not beautiful is when you see your own beauty run off because of too much sweat and oil from the humid weather.

The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson (Ukulele Cover)

After four months of not updating my Soundcloud, I finally got to record and upload a new one. Nothing too grand, actually. My voice is like that of a singing child. Haha.