For the Museum is Free and Full of Art-ness (Part 1)

Enter at your own cost.

Just kidding. Everything is completely safe and fun (also, free).

National Museum announced that they'll be waiving off the entrance fee to the National Museum for the month of May because it's Museum Month. It's a good timing since I just recently finished my internship duties and rotations. And yes, I'm finally free to go frolicking around the crazy streets of Manila and be able to share it.

Finally... I just Azor Ahai-d my blog.

Okay, back to srz bznz that is about my experience at the National Museum.

The first time I have ever entered the premises of the National Museum was back when I was a freshie in UP wherein we took a tour inside for our Histo I class and it was definitely fun. I was able to take a lot of photos like a ninja despite the guards telling us that it is forbidden from the start. I just have no idea why they suddenly changed it when I got to visit again. I'm not complaining though. Thanks. Haha. I got to visit the place again this year with my Whovian friends. However, out of the two instances that I went here, I never got to the Planetarium and their art section. Unfortunately, Planetarium is still up for renovation up to this date. At least this time, I I was able to check out the art section so that I could take down notes or examine the paintings in person.

I went with my friend Shalla who is also into watercolor painting and hoarding pens, brushes, paints, and all other art materials we probably won't use that much.  We finally got to meet up after quite a long time.

We had to line up for an hour or so because it was a weekend and everyone loves to go at places that are free. Yay #budgeanx haha. Anyway, we didn't really mind since it wasn't that humid.

Upon entering, you'll notice easily the jumongous painting Spoliarium by Juan Luna.

It gave me chills as I get one step closer to it. I can't imagine the amount of sweat, blood, and tears it took for him to finish such wonderful piece. I also gave me chills as how it gave me a picture at how brutal things were back then. Something that I probably wouldn't be able to take in too easily.

Well, hello Kuma-san and pug-chan.

Across Luna's painting is another painting and a sculpture.

Of course, there are a few portions that are meme-worthy but I won't be placing captions on them.

Behind the Spoliarium is a bifurcation of hallways with sculptures. Let me tell you that this one is my favorite section of the museum because of the color of the hallway. Teehee. Shalla has also termed it the salmon wall (or was it the other section that looks almost the same?). 





Plus, this place has ossum lighting. As in A++


There were a lot of people but we were able to chance upon the opportunity to dork out when the horde of people decided to go to the other hall. 

 Uhh... Sorry, Shaller. I suck at taking jump photos.

Works of art VS works that are fart. Hopefully, we don't end up in jail for doing this.

Lastly, my favorite piece in this section because it speaks to me in so many levels. This is me every morning for the past few months:

That ends the first part of the Nat'l Museum series but I'll be talking about the Purple Room which contains more paintings by Juan Luna.

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