Summer Makeup: Don't Sweat It.

     Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to go out and explore but you see, there’s always that one major problem most girls face—oh, the humidity. It’s fun to see the beauty of nature during escapades and whatnot but what’s not beautiful is when you see your own beauty run off because of too much sweat and oil from the humid weather.

Invest on trusted brands with long-wearing formulas.
              Let’s face it. Makeup is expensive especially if it were from a well-known brand but here’s the thing. Would you rather spend on a cheap and untrusted brand that might not even be FDA approved and get really bad quality or miss a week’s worth of Starbucks coffee and get what you pay for. Not only do the makeup hold up for a long time but the results are also way better among others.

Damp your brush when putting on eye shadow.
              I was once advised to moisten the brush as it dampens the powder as well. It also makes the application easier because it sticks well on the skin. It also makes that glazed finish that makes the eye shadow last longer.

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ALWAYS use foundation + concealer + primer combo.
              This is actually a no brainer for everyone who puts on makeup. I swear, this one tip is already enough to make prevent your makeup from sweating off. Just make sure that you apply lightly as heavy foundations tend to melt and run off on humid weather. The Primer helps as the foundation’s double-sided tape. Oh, and since we’re talking about summer, it’s better if you get one with SPF.

 Blot in an instant.
              Always bring with you your handy dandy oil blotting paper. If you don’t have one, a single strip of tissue would do. Blotting oil once you notice it is the best damage control before your sweat or oil runs off your makeup.

Don’t just pop in the moisturizer. Lock it.
              Apart from adding moisture on your face, make sure you stock up and lock them on the inside out by always drinking water. We always hear people suggesting that we should always drink water to re-hydrate. Fortunately, this also helps in giving our faces that extra glow that makeup simply can’t do.

Lose the powder.
             I’ve always been using powder to freshen up my makeup but it can sometimes ruin your look especially if you sweat a lot. Applying powder may create a chalky look that might even give you faux wrinkles. If you feel like sweating, blot it with a tissue, hanky, or an oil blot to remove excess oil or sweat on the face. There’s also what you call the blotting powder. It’s basically a blotting paper with a wee bit of powder in it which works.

Bring a facial mist.
             This can be quite tricky. The way to freshening up with this facial mist is to choose a container that spews out a fine spray and make sure that the mist isn’t too close on the face because you might end up having a mini shower and wash out your make up. Keep it far but not too far to dampen and lightly freshen the face especially if the place is too humid.

Avoid dark colors.
            Go for cooler and summer-y tones as dark colors tend to look so heavy on the face and would make you look more haggard than ever. You don’t wanna look like a stressed Zombie in broad daylight, do you?

Less is sufficient.
              Go for a simple look that is manageable and low-maintenance. You wouldn’t want to spend your summer checking up your mirror all the time to see if your makeup had worn off. Stick to the essentials: foundation or powder, primer, conceal dark spots, light blush, light eyeshadow, and a lip gloss.

Ice ice baby.
              Applying ice cube on the face before makeup helps. It helps you massage your facial muscles and block up skin pores.

Fan it out.
             There are those handy dandy mini electric fans that you can purchase at novelty or quirky  shops that you can use if you don’t feel like fanning with a paper or anything that produces wind manually.

Don’t forget to wash ‘em well at the end of the day.
             When the day ends, we always drop like a plank when we reach our bed but let’s not forget that there’s an awful lot of dirt, sweat, oil, and many other things. It’s even worse if you put makeup on because it accumulates more dirt than a bare face. Here’s a personal tip: I always use wet wipes to wipe off all the stuff on my face until I don’t see anything on it anymore. If I still feel icky, that’s when I wash my face with water and facial foam.

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