Lang Leav visits Manila

(Feb. 8, 2014)

Image by Fully Booked

     A friend of mine invited me to go see Lang Leav in Manila with her and her boyfriend. (LOL. Sorry if I had to go third wheel but I did ask permission if I could intervene and she surprisingly agreed). Unfortunately, I had no budget to get a copy for myself. Ack. Why do school thingamajigs have to be expensive? A signed copy by Lang Leav would've been lovely on my bookshelf.

 Rainy pointing up (at the misaligned book on top of the sculpture. You'll see what we mean when you go there).
For me, the levels were somewhat a representation of dream within a dream Inception-y thingywingy

All I can say is we look ugly in this photo. Haha

Art by Herakut

I've always wanted to have one of these but my name is just so rare. Ugh.

This is what you get when you third wheel :P

 Up Ommadawn. Gets? No? Okay. :|

Never had I thought they would have this.

Oh, how I miss the AIR3 console we used back then at the station during my student jock days.

     Let me tell you something funny here. Since my friend's fiance and I were not there to have a copy signed and only wishes to see her in person, we waited backstage. We were watching the host introduce Lang and were talking about how they were surprised to see this many readers and fans alike to visit and there was a lady in front of us giggling. All of a sudden, Niko tapped my shoulders and was mouthing in the air that it was Lang who's in front of us. Too bad she was already walking away towards the stage when I started looking.

     Lang also answered a few questions from fans and my favorite is when she answered why she entitled the book Love and Misadventures. According to her, it was because of the initials L and M which stands for Lang and Michael who apparently is her partner as she coins the term. She also told us how they met and how hit it off. Everyone (especially me) got all giddy and hopeful that somehow, they too shall find their true love in the most unexpected way and get to write about it if given the opportunity and inspiration. The amount of love she had for writing and being in love filled the room from the way she talks and read poetry (yes, she did after answering a couple of questions).

      I wasn't able to wait until my friend gets to have her copy signed and I was too sleepy to stay so I went home early. Too bad I had missed such opportunity to have a signed copy from one of my favorite writers and have it dedicated to me and my future child (hopefully not soon. In due time, my dear child). Prolly next time. Hopefully, I get to save or have the budget specially when Etgar Keret gets here.

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