Whovians in Cosmania 2014 Day 1

 After months of preparation, we finally completed the roster for the Doctor cosplay (both male and female versions) and it all happened on the first day of Cosmania 2014 at SMX.

Roi Nebres also made a cooler version as if we're characters in a video game.

It all started out with a thread at Whovian PH group on Facebook months before Nexcon and the next was history. We were not able to complete at first since we didn't have much time as we had for Cosmania. Today is much more special because we finally got to complete not just some but all 13 Doctors and even Rule 63-fied versions. We all helped one another in making sure that the roster would be complete and if there had been any need in working with one's costume or props and whatnot. Some of us even had to go to Divisoria to purchase the materials and making sure that everything's good. It became bumpy along the way especially the last few days because well, we still did cram some even if we were given months to prepare (we're Timelords but the TARDIS isn't always on time, okay. Hehe)

We even have a Dorium and a Missy :D

All photos above were taken by Ivan Poquiz of VANity Pictures. Good job, man. Good job! :D

Last but not the least, since we're all complete. We also did a remake of the Day of The Doctor shot when they were all complete and had saved the day. (We had to insert the Twelfth Doctor because why not?)

Photo by Cali Ynoviel and Bex Pascual. Edited by BJ Pascual

Oh, and there's also the passing of the TARDIS key and the sonicscrewdriver to the Twelfth Doctor. We wish Peter Capaldi all the best. *raises sonic*

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