An awful lack of running

(December 4, 2011 at 10:04pm)

I just realize by now that I've been stagnant for a few years now. It's as if nothing has changed. I've been stuck in the same exact place over and over again even if I tried getting away for a few times. Maybe it's the element that's lacking all along.

I've been standing all my life. Now it's time to move on and run.

I'm not intending on running away from my life. I just want some change. Or turn in a new leaf. I'm not also saying that I should change myself. I just want a new perspective.

Or maybe I was also waiting too long for someone to just suddenly grab my hand and take me somwhere I needed or wanted to be. Someone who would tell me what I lack in life and inspire me to go over the horizons.

But whatever happens, I guess it's is time to move forward.

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