Contradicting Contrition

(December 6, 2011 at 10:07pm)

How purely coincidental it is to find yourself reading a book about a character who you could say has an agnostic belief and on the same day, encounter two peddling preachers on the bus. I started reading Maybe A Miracle by Brian Strause last night and scanned a few chapters up until now. So far, from how the main character Monroe is portrayed, he seems like a very opinionated person and would stand firmly for his beliefs. At first you might think he's an atheist for what he keeps on saying about his points on religion but if you would look into it, he's an agnostic believer. And on my way home, there were two peddling preachers who did what they had to do on the bus which is preach and ask for solicitation. I'd say what they're doing is contrary to their beliefs. From what I could remember, people were asked to tell a whole lot of people about His word and it never mentioned that you should also rub it in their faces and ask for money so that they could continue on with their so-called "mission."

I don't think they do get the point and neither do I. We all have our own beliefs and we all have our stands. You can't just imbue it on others. Faith is not something that you should always brag about. Being religiously faithful is not measured by how you would react to sacrilege accounts but how you would stay with your beliefs and remain faithful to Him after you've read or heard of anything that is contrary to your set of beliefs.

Well, truth be told, I hate it when people tell me what I should believe in. I haven't read the Bible yet because I don't want to. It's not that I don't believe in it, I just don't believe in some of it. According to history, they were all written by men and that they were guided by His knowledge and just put them into pen and paper. Well, let's just say there's a Hand that guides people what to choose and whatnot, but still, I don't believe in men.

God gave us plenty of liberty to begin with. I guess that's what people had been missing all these years. I guess I don't need to explain that further but all I could say is, religion is not how a group works but is a matter of relationship with the one you believe in.

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