November 4, 2011 at 11:51pm

There are certain moments when you reach a forkroad and you need to decide which side will you take. A pivotal point in time wherein one decision would change your remaining fate. You can't choose both. Only one needs to exist. Only one needs to happen. The other one neeeds to bow out. One has to give in or both would cease to exist. When such a paradox happens, what would you choose?

Green Anchor:

Do you imagine yourself living alone in your simple apartment with a big tv having friends over during the weekends? You have a stable job during the weekdays and a pet to welcome you upon your arrival. In the weekends, you walk by the mall or a park and find inspiration from sights. Sip coffee and read a book while sitting by the bay. Travel anywhere you want wtih all the savings you have accumulated with your chosen profession. Have your parents and your siblings visit you once or twice a month or have it the other way around. Write about anything and live zen. And in the end, grow old and die with all the knowledge and philosophies you have acquired through your travels and hardships in life.

Red Waterfall:

Or do you imagine yourself settling down and walking down the aisle with Temper Trap's Sweet Disposition. Having your dance with your father in your wedding and see your mother cry when you look back. Throw the bouquet and see who's going to get married next and you see your little sister carrying it. Drive to your newly-bought dream home with your husband. Have children and prepare their breakfast and lunchboxes. Eat breakfast and dinner with your family and hear about what they have to say about what happened to them during the day. Help your children with their homework and tell stories or sing them a song at night. Fix your husband's tie and coat and hand over his suitcase and when he arrives home, you ask him how was his day and work and give him a massage on his back. Hear mass every Sunday and celebrate every occasion yearly. And few years from then, you'll see yourself with grandchildren and your husband growing senile with you. And in the end, you retire and wait for death to come.

And again, what would you choose? Which do you prefer? And remember, once you've made a decision you can never turn back time...

Well, unless you have a blue box~

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