It all ends in BACON.

(July 30, 2012 at 1:22pm)

Once there was a pair of scissors who wanted to cut everything off. Not that they were made that way but they hated every other pairing it sees.

They never considered being a pair since they were just one. It would even be a term that "they" would prefer. If you cut the bond between a needle and thread or a cup and saucer, they will still be needle, thread, cup, and a saucer. But what happens if you try to separate a pair of scissors? They're no longer called scissors. "It" is called useless.

One day, the scissors stumbled upon a pair of pants.

"Yo, 'zup," said the pants. "Why the sharp face?"

"How punny," replied the scissors.

"I was just making you turn down the long face. Why be so grumpy?"

"Nothing. Hey, have you ever wondered why we're called a pair when we're not even actually a 'pair'"

"Hmm... Never thought of that before. Is that what's bothering you, brotha?" asked the pants.

"Yeah. I mean, think about it. When you say pair, you mean a team, a partnership, a combination of two similar or different entities and not something symmetrical. Whoever considered us a 'pair' should go back to schooling because it's stupid and insulting," complained scissors.

"Well, it depends on your definition," said pants. "You may consider yourself not a pair but haven't you considered the thought of being 'complete' as a whole not as a single entity?"

"Whaddya mean, brotha?"

"That you don't need another you to be complete because you are already enough."

"I really don't get what you mean," said scissors as he ponders on what pants had told him. "Are you saying that to save yourself from being cut?"

"If you cut me off, I may no longer be a pants but a whole new shorts," humors the pants. "Think about it, pal."

The scissors just walked away because he'll never get what pants said. Everybody else has somebody and those who don't have anybody has something to turn into. As for the scissors, it only has itself and when it breaks into half, it's still a nobody.

It still went on with its bitter ways cutting off every pair that it sees. It went on with the thought that everybody can live like it. Alone and desperate.

It may never find its happy ending even if its story ends. So why don't we just end this with a happy thought. Let's end this with BACON.


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