That feeling as if you were erased from existence…

It’s just basically this: It feels like shit.

We all know people come and go, we drift apart with our friends for quite some time and then one day, when you get to see them again, you look like you’re just some total stranger to each other.
Of course I’m fine with that. It’s a universal fact. We forget people we know. It just sort of happens.

To tell you honestly, I do tend to forget people I know and feel like I haven’t met them at all. But then again, it happens to me due to lack of communication with them for a long time. Yes, it’s unfair but I am also the type of person who give importance to people. Especially the ones who give importance to constant communication.

I am definitely fine with this cosmic effect of indifference but… I never thought that some people do that very soon.
And you know what sucks more than looking like a stranger?

It’s the feeling you get as if you were erased from existence. 

It’s different from drifting apart with someone you know or your friends because it happens on both sides. When you become a stranger to someone, they still have an idea as to who you are even if you change. As for having your existence to be erased from time and space, it’s like people not knowing you at all. What I am saying is that, what happens or what does it feel like if it happens one-sided?
And now going to the main point, it hurts.

This kind of feeling really hurts. You know that feeling you want to spend the rest of your life with a certain person, if not, be with that someone for a long period of your life and then one day, he looks at you as if he doesn’t remember who you are or if you even existed in his life at all. I was very happy to see him again but apparently, he doesn’t. It’s just so unfair. That one unforgettable man in your life forgets who you are…

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