The Square Root of Negative One

The rays of the sun basking from the window wakes her up from deep sleep. As she tries to rise up from her bed, she looks at the view outside. It is indeed a beautiful morning. The sun was surely smiling as it share its melancholic light with the carnations planted by her window. As she stares at the view, she notices that there’s someone behind the white cotton sheets.

She tries to see who it is. Pulling the soft blanket, she finds out it was just him. The man she longs to be with. She lies down again placing her head over her left palm staring at him. She runs her fingers through his hair feeling every strand of his lux. She turns her hands and let the dorsum of her fingers feel his soft skin until it reaches his long eyelashes. She could feel every tip touching her skin. She also noticed that he could feel her light caress but not enough to wake him up.

She keeps staring at him. Not knowing what else to do but perhaps savour each moment that they are together. Near each other. For sure it was no ordinary morning for her.

Finally, he wakes up. Opening his eyes with a smile, it was obvious that he was expecting to see her first thing in the morning. He stares back at her eyes and a single tear starts to fall from her eyes. He places his hand over her cheeks to wipe away the tears that keep on falling down her eyes due to staggering joy and hushes her down assuring everything’s going to be alright.

They both leaned forward to kiss each other. She closed her eyes but before her lips could touch his, she wakes up. Again. And this time, it is now reality she’s facing.

She wakes up in the middle of the night with the sound of thunder clashing down with heavy rain and strong gusts of wind. She looked at her side. There was no one there. The man she’s spending the rest of her life was no longer there. She touches the empty side of her bed feeling the emptiness of being alone. Realizing she’s going to wake up lonely in the morning once again, tears start to fall. Wiping her tears by herself, she decides to go back to sleep.

Desperately enough, she covers her face with a pillow and keep on crying until she manages to sleep and wake up from the gloomy reality she wants to escape. Hoping she’ll wake up one morning knowing that she’s no longer the lonely empty person that she is.

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