A Good Kind of Hurt

"Ever fancied someone you shouldn’t? It hurts right? But it’s a good kind of hurt."

—Amy Pond, Doctor Who

I know everyone has been guilty of this line. I mean who wouldn’t, right? We always think that the people we love does not deserve us becuase we think they’re too high enough to reach. So what do we usually do? We hold back.

But why hold back?

Yeah. What are we actually afraid of? There’s nothing wrong with admitting the truth. But the one and only problem we worry about is REJECTION. We are so afraid of rejection because we think of them so highly that we believe that they’re too perfect that they’ll just end up into such shameful condescencion if they fancy you back. We prioritize their feelings before us. That has always been the problem. Always…

And again, why think that way?

Simple. We only want what’s best for them that we tend to forget what’s also best for us. We are even willing to sacrifice anything if not everything only to please or get the slightest attention from that person. You don’t even know for sure if they would appreciate such thing. Thus, heartache is felt.

Painful, isn’t it?

But what’s more painful than unappreciated effort is DISAPPOINTMENT. Disappointment comes when our expectations don’t meet reality. And this disappointment leads us back to the question “Why do we hold back?”

One simple explanation. We’re just a bunch of people who love too much. We love someone so much that it hurts us and not even mind about that hurt. We don’t realize it but one actually also falls in love with the thought of loving someone. We get so obsessed with it that we get too preoccupied to such emotions.

And lastly, what do we do?

Love yourself as much as you love that certain person. Love yourself to realize that you also deserve someone who’s also the best and never ever deserve such pain from unrequited affectation from someone you fancy.

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