The Gaps Between My Fingers…

Has anyone told you that those gaps between your fingers are to be filled in by your soulmate?
well… I believe that is utter bullshit. Why?

I just realize that during my lonely times. You don’t need to wait for your knight in shining armor or your prince charming to fill those gaps. You have your other hand with you. God made you with “bilateral” hands to let yourself fill those gaps when you need someone. You don’t need another person to complete you.

Still not believing me? Pray with your hands and you’ll realize. take a look at your hands particularly your fingers. see what I mean? God will never let you feel alone… = )

I am not Summer Finn or any other character who does not believe in love. I just don’t see why people nowadays feel the pressure on finding love that easily specially teenagers. I don’t also see the point on why do they sulk in the corner just because of their so-called “loneliness”… look around! You have your family and your friends with you. You just don’t appreciate them that much. If you will not learn how to appreciate yourself and others around you, who else would? What if your prince hasn’t come yet? screw him. Life doesn’t end with or without him.

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