Manila Noir. Manila Now (Part 2)

As I've promised two or more weeks back, I'm gonna post more photos I took when I went to Intramuros and get to see what #VivaManila is and get to see a glimpse of the old Manila from its remnants. Too bad, I am limited in this blog post by just showing you only photos. It would've been better if I had shared information about the buildings and whatnot like what Carlos Celdran would always do in Pasyal Manila. If you're interested in learning and hearing more about The Walled City, Carlos Celdran is definitely the man to go to. *wink wink*

The photos you're about to see on this part is what I think is the heart or the center of Intramuros as The Casa Manila Museum is located in here where you can explore inside. The quadrangle of the casa is usually where small cultural presentations are held (I'll try to post  presentation most probably on the 3rd or 4th part). 

Cobblestones. Who wouldn't feel nostalgic when one see cobblestones instead of the modern asphalt on the road?

A sort of figurine you usually see in front of old bakeries like Dimas-Alang in Pasig City.

Barbaras set up tables outside so if you feel like dining out on the street and sniff fresh air, it's the best place to go.

Two of the nicest, politest, and cheerful guards you'll ever see and meet in Manila. They were even nice enough to take a photo with me. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to ask their names. How rude of me. :[ If you ever see them around, please say hi to them for me, okay? :)

And that's it for part 2. I have around 200 more photos waiting to be processed and posted but for now, I have to settle with finals and them I'm gonna go all out on my blog post about Intramuros. If you wanna see part 1, it's here.

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