Manila Noir. Manila Now (Part 1)

I've always wanted to go around Manila and take photos of everything I see. I've been inspired by blogs with photos of Manila from the 60's up until the 90's. There is that special thing about Manila's ambiance. It's a mix of several cultures most noted by Spanish and American culture. As a geek, I've always been fascinated with time travel and since there had not been any scientific breakthrough that could make it possible, the closest thing to it would have to be taking a look at photos taken by people who had lived in that era or timeline. I'm really thankful that a lot of people had preserved such wonderful photographs of the good old Manila. I myself would want to have a set of photos that I could save and share with other people.

Not only am I posting this blog for the sake of sharing, I also hope that Filipinos would also appreciate it and take care of our city. I have noticed that a lot of people depict Manila as a shabby and smelly city. I beg to differ. Studying in Manila for years had opened my eyes to different perspective. It is true that Manila may not be as perfect in every side or angle as other cities from other countries would be but she is majestic in her own way. To me, she is a beautiful mess. No, a perfect epitome of beauty and chaos. Perhaps it would be better if I don't do much of the talking now and I'll just let the photos speak for her.



Cabildo Baggins? :P

That's about it for Part 1. Hopefully, I would be able to squeeze in editing the remaining 200+ photos and upload some of them next week. (I'm crossing my fingers that I really get to do so since I have an exam next week and finals the next week). What do you think? Express your thoughts on the comments section and let's talk about Manila. *winkwink*

Any light bulb moments? Haha. Feel free to comment and let's talk about it. ;)

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